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University of Cape Coast Institutional Profile

About University of Cape Coast

Contact/Location: +233 42 32709/ 0208134762

School of Agriculture

University of Cape Coast

University Post Office

Cape Coast


Cape Coast, Ghana       Established: 1975 / - / -

The School of Agriculture attained Faculty status in 1989 within the administration of the university. This step has strengthened the activities of the school even further. The school has sice taken on various important responsibilities and programmes. In 1997, the university changed the initial mandatory offering courses leading to a Diploma in Education for students not registered in the faculty of education. The initial role of the school of agriculture has thus widened and has evolved into one of producing graduates who are versatile enough to be job-creators instead of job-seekers. This commitment is in line with our mission of helping to solve the unemployment problem in the country.

The school is collaborating with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, (Ghana), Sasakawa Africa Association and Winrock International in the implementation of a special BSc Agriculture Extension Programme launched during the 1993/94 academic year. This programme has been such a success that it is being replicated in a number of African countries. It is currently the programme most sought after by students from foreign countries.

The graduates from the programmes run by the school are currently found in diverse professions as teachers. extension officers, agriculture specialists for the banks, researchers, lecturers, exporters, farmers and agricultural experts for various non-governmental and international organisations.

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Reports on University of Cape Coast

University of Cape Coast - Current Institutional Academic Staffing by LevelUniversity of Cape Coast - Current Institutional Programme SummariesUniversity of Cape Coast - Programme Enrolment Trends
Details on University of Cape Coast
Curriculum last updated: 2003
Average textbook age: 20 years
Is field work / study part of the curriculum: yes
Percentage of time students spend in practicums: 40
Number of lecturers/professor due to retire <5: 10
Number of lecturers/professor trained outside country: 33
Percentage of professional staff time spent on research: 30
Do lecturers/professors have have internet access: yes
Do students have internet access: yes

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