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University of Dschang Institutional Profile

About University of Dschang

Contact/Location: +237 77589794

PO Box 222 Dschang

Dschang, Cameroon       Established: 1993 - -

University of Dschang was founded in 1993.  The University has 5 faculties (Faculty of Sciences: FS, Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences: FASA, faculty of Letters and Human Sciences: FLSH, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences: FSJP, Faculty of Management and Economics Sciences: FSEG). Each faculty is subdivided into Departments. The university also supports many other programs in various fields, such as Medical sciences, Arts, Agriculture, Distance education and Environment. These programmes are  offered at the main campus or at the Antenna campus. The university offers programmes from Diploma to PhD level. Estimated student population at the University is about 32 000.

Dr. Anaclet Fomethe

Faculties / Schools 

Reports on University of Dschang

University of Dschang - Current Institutional Academic Staffing by LevelUniversity of Dschang - Current Institutional Programme Summaries
Details on University of Dschang
Average Annual Fees: US$1,000
Curriculum last updated: 2002
Average textbook age: 20 years
Computers for students: 15
Is field work / study part of the curriculum: yes
Percentage of time students spend in practicums: 30
Percentage of professional staff time spent on research: 30
Do lecturers/professors have have internet access: yes
Do students have internet access: yes

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